Tweet to Beat Leukemia!

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Too bad I cannot have this in my friendster profile, friendster is getting into my nerves now. Anyway, I donated $5 to the SmackDown Leukemia Society. I know it’s quite small, but I also know it helps.

Donations are accepted until tomorrow! This won’t hurt your pockets(or paypal)..


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Preventing XSS

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Cross-site scripting (XSS) is a type of computer security vulnerability typically found in web applications which allow code injection by malicious web users into the web pages viewed by other users. (WikiPedia)

I saw, discovered, and patched many XSS vulnerabilities for a long time. For today, I will teach you the two basic methods on preventing them. The first one is very very simple. XSS mainly depends on the user input, so the idea is, do not ouput any user input at all! This was quite a small but efficient fix.

The second one is used if the page “should” output a user input. An example is a search query, or login form(username). So what to do? You should use htmlentities().

This will re-encode the input text making it invalid for the browser to recognize the input as a html tag. It’s also simple, but the key is, you should use htmlentities right before you output the string. This might cause a problem with usernames and passwords, so be sure to use them correctly!


Wait, what?!

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Undecided! xD



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Yes, I’m using steam, since 2007. But I only bought a game pack, I think its Half-Life. These includes Condition-Zero, Half-Life, Deleted Scenes, and CS 1.6. But as far as I remember, I bought CS:S before the half life pack. Yes I bought and NEVER installed CS:S, why? well, first my graphics card doesn’t not support it, and the connection speed sucks.

But now I decided to install it, well it’s time to move on! I’m pretty outdated in CS. So what is this all about anyway?

I noticed a very nice feature of the steam client while downloading, it actually uses your unused connection rate. If you do not know hwat I’m talking about, consider Internet Browsing whenever I load a website(a big one), the steam client decreases it’s download speed, and regaining it after the page is loaded.

It’s a nice feature that everyone should know. You can just sit back and act normally while downloading steam games. Unlike torrents and Direct Downloads.


Bypassing Download Limits

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There are so, so many websites that limit download sizes, like, I downloaded a HD dream file, about 60 mb from them. I never knew there was a file download size limit(50 mb per session), until I decided to download another file. I can’t..

Now I’m pissed, well not actually, but I found a solution. Well these kind of problems have very simple tricks to overcome/bypass. Yeah, I wish it was harder.

So here’s what to do(requires firefox browser):

  • Download Add N Edit Cookies from firefox addon directory.
  • Install it and restart Firefox
  • Go to Tools > Cookie Editor
  • Finally, delete all instances of * (replace the domain name with the host name of the website.. i.e wincustomize)

All done, but you may have asked, why not just clear all cookies? Well it also works but, if you do not want to let a single download session ruin all your cookies(like me) you should follow this method..

From PERL to PHP

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First thing I loved in PERL is the regex, I’ve been using perl for more than a year. So, I think it’s time to try out other language, yes, like PHP.

I’m not saying I’m kissing perl goodbye, but maybe learning another language can be essential, especially on server-side scripts. Maybe I’ll be writing my own CMS, and yes you’ll be the first one to know, by this blog of course. 😀

WSG – WIndows Serial Grabber

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I submitted another project today, Unix name is “wsg”, short for Windows Serial Grabber. I did the same design for the website, it’ll be a waste of time to create another design.

As for the functionality, it only works on Windows XP, Vista and 7 BETA. Yes, I’m surprised it worked in Vista and 7 BETA, I created it first in windows XP, and Vista is coded from scratch. I thought registry structure differs in each Windows OS with different framework, but I was wrong. 🙂

I still need Ping.FM approval to start my PingHim project, I can’t get my API key and User-Key working. :\