Bypassing Download Limits

There are so, so many websites that limit download sizes, like, I downloaded a HD dream file, about 60 mb from them. I never knew there was a file download size limit(50 mb per session), until I decided to download another file. I can’t..

Now I’m pissed, well not actually, but I found a solution. Well these kind of problems have very simple tricks to overcome/bypass. Yeah, I wish it was harder.

So here’s what to do(requires firefox browser):

  • Download Add N Edit Cookies from firefox addon directory.
  • Install it and restart Firefox
  • Go to Tools > Cookie Editor
  • Finally, delete all instances of * (replace the domain name with the host name of the website.. i.e wincustomize)

All done, but you may have asked, why not just clear all cookies? Well it also works but, if you do not want to let a single download session ruin all your cookies(like me) you should follow this method..


~ by itsrui on March 22, 2009.

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