DNS Problems

Lately I’ve been experiencing several DNS problems while browsing. An example is, “Address Not Found” showing even in know sites like Google, MSN, etc. Although it only happens often, it’s very annoying. Sometimes you have to hit F5 to reload the page again and again until the page come out. The problem is from your ISP so you still have to contact them for them to fix it, that’s a bad news. Well, good news is, you can save time waiting for your ISP’s response by just changing your DNS and eventually fixing the problem.

You just have to change your DNS and use another one. I suggest OpenDNS, It’s free, fast, and reliable. If you can’t go to their website at the moment, here’s the address you have to use:


And finally, to change your DNS(Vista, XP and 7):

1. Go to Network Connections.
2. Right Click on your connection and click Properties.

Step 1

3. Click on Internet Protocol(Version 4) and click Properties.

Step 2

4. Click on the radio button Use the following DNS server addresses.
5. Insert the values above (In Vista and 7, uncheck Validate Settings).
6. Click OK.

Step 3

All Done! Happy Browsing!


~ by itsrui on March 12, 2009.

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